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PVC Recyclers

A) Looking to recycle PVC?

Step 1. Contact your supplier and check if they take back their own product for recycling. For example, with cable,  email contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Step 2. Contact the companies below. You can also visit for recyclers of other material types ie PP or EPS plastic.

Step 3. Want advice and guidance? Want to set up a system for your type of material? Contact us at the Vinyl Council.

Note: Your recycling will succeed when already used material is suitable for reuse in another product. Recyclers want clean, regular and reasonable sized (>500kg) supplies of consistent material, the same as using virgin material. They do not want spasmodic, irregular and small quantities of PVC contaminated by dirt, nails or other recyclables such as paper, cans or other plastics like PE. If the material is high quality it will be transported across state borders.

B) Looking for recycled PVC?
We always welcome contact from recyclers, manufacturers, reprocessors or anyone looking for recovered or reprocessed PVC in traditional and innovative products. We are keen to add to this list and expand the market for recycled PVC so contact us now.  Valued Members and Associates of the Vinyl Council are named in bold.

Company State  Telephone         Material Accepted
 Advantage Recycling NSW, Qld, SA, Vic 0434 915 816
Pipe, conduit, thermoform panel covers, possibly others. Trader for Australian reprocessing.

Iplex / Tradelink NSW 07 3881 9578 Pipe. Iplex Recycling Centre, Chipping Norton, 8-2pm. Or contact your local Tradelink store re drop off.
RBM Plastics NSW 02 9748 2638 Cable, conduit, possibly packaging and blister pack. Can granulate, compound, reprocess into own product.
MPE Plastics Extrusions NSW 02 9601 8414 Flexible profile, clean cable, rigid pipe. Can granulate and pelletise.
Techplas NSW 02 9636 6755 Pipe, windows, conduit and other rigid profile, industrial scrap only. Granulator.
Pipemakers Australia QLD, VIC, WA 07 3344 3377 Rigid PVC products made by Pipemakers only. Granulator, compounder, fabricator.
NAIT Recycling QLD - St Virginia 07 3865 7199 Trader, exporter.
Eurokey Recycling QLD - Clontarf 07 3293 1249 Flexible pipes, bottles, blister packs. Trader, exporter.
Adelaide Granulation Industires SA 0428 990 140 Pipe and rigid profiles, can do flexibles and packaging including blister packs. Granulator.
Armstrong Flooring P/L VIC 03 9586 5548 Clear (no colour) post-consumer & post- industrial PVC. Flooring manufacturer.
Colin Marks VIC 0418 122 046 Packaging, blister pack, flexible PVC. Granulator.
CryoGrind Australia VIC 03 9794 6608 Medical IV bags, packaging bottles and blister packs, cable, ground material such as profiles. Will consider other products. Granulator and compounder.
Emmans VIC 03 9462 1644 Pipe, cable, gift cards. Granulator and machine maker.
Innova International Pty Ltd VIC 03 9551 8722 Coated textiles such as architectural shade sails (of European origin).
Manokaran VIC 0410 681 301 Trader, exporter.
Melbourne Document Services VIC 1300 132 119 Gift cards and credit cards. Secure document destruction.
NWC Recycling VIC 03 9408 4414,
0438 565 640
Pipe, windows and profiles, cards. Granulator.
Rojo Pacific VIC 03 9872 1000 Advertising banners, tarpaulins. Printer, importer.
Sandhurst Enterprises Recycling VIC 03 5441 6795 Bottles. Collector and sorter.
Vision Plastics VIC 03 9801 0733 Clear rigid, coloured sheeting and laminated PVC. Granulator, trader, exporter.
Welvic Australia VIC 03 9361 8700 Medical IV bags, packaging, cable, profiles. Will consider other products. Granulator, compounder.
Spectrum Plastics WA 08 9248 9661 Flexible sheet and other clean materials. Granulator.