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Vinyl - Part of the Solution

The Vinyl Council of Australia believes that vinyl products have a valuable role to play in a sustainable society.

The Council is a member-based organisation established in June 1998. It acts as the peak organisation representing the Australian PVC, or vinyl, value chain. Our members are drawn from across the supply chain of the vinyl industry in Australia, representing a wide range of products.

The Vinyl Council is working to advance the sustainability of the PVC industry in Australia through sharing information on, and engaging with stakeholders regarding the life cycle of PVC.

The Council advocates the responsible manufacture, use and disposal of PVC products. It aims to foster cooperation between member companies, governments and organisations to increase the understanding of the PVC life cycle.

The Council provides leadership to its members in Product Stewardship and best practice models to encourage industry advances and operation to the highest standard.

The Council provides members with a forum where they can seek information and support for the advancement of the industry.

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As part of the VCA’s ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility and the sustainable development of the Australian PVC industry, we have taken the Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) pledge.

The VCA continues to work with our members and their supply chains to work towards the goal of zero pellet loss and encourages our members to make the pledge as well. 

We are proud to be a partner of the program and to play a role in protecting our natural environment alongside many other organisations in Australia and abroad.

For more information on the program, visit the Operation Clean Sweep Australia website.