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Design Benefits

Low Maintenance

PVC delivers long term, low maintenance and effective solutions...
Vinyl products such as flooring, wall coverings and windows require very little maintenance over their lifespan – both an environmental and economical benefit. PVC windows and cladding, for example, do not require painting or varnishing. Abrasion and impact are not likely to damage PVC, reducing repair.
The strength, durability and low maintenance of PVC means products need less frequent replacement, less materials for maintenance and may be made using less material than alternatives.

... lower life cycle costs...
Ease of installation of many PVC products compared to alternatives, greater durability and lower maintenance requirements also make PVC competitive on a life cycle cost basis. PVC has been a popular material for construction applications for decades due to its physical and technical properties as well as cost-performance advantages. BIS Shrapnel has estimated that it would cost an extra $2-3,000 per 'typical' house in Australia if PVC was not used in its common applications.

...and shorter pay-back period.
A Total Cost of Ownership study in 2011 (Prof A. Marangoni, Bocconi University, Italy) compared all the costs of PVC products over their entire life cycle - buying, transport, installation, use, maintenance, dismantling, transport and disposal - with the most popular alternatives used in key sectors of the construction industry. The investigation concerned window profiles, outdoor pipes and flooring, and costs in both the North and South of Europe were represented.

The study showed that in the three key areas of window frames, flooring and piping, PVC is not only a more cost-efficient option at the installation stage, it is also a better option over the lifetime of the product than competing materials and has the shortest pay-back period. For more detail visit